CSA Week #5, Good Music, and Good News

Once again, my refrigerator is filled with goodness:

The list of vegetables included in this week's box is long, and we need to step up our eating pace.

We got:
Salad makings - lettuce, radiccio
Greens - rainbow swiss chard. kale
Onions big and green, a leek, and a head of garlic
Shell peas, sugar snap peas, and wax beans
Roots - carrots and beets
Red cabbage and broccoli
Tender baby summer squash
Fennel and Herbs

I've been focused on work and deadlines - July is budget season. I'm making progress, though I don't know what the bottom line is going to be yet. All of the routine work of the week is done, I got the financial statements out for next week's board meeting, and I completed a redo of a major grant, so today will be budget, budget, budget.

Last night we took a break to go hear some live music - the Clair Lynch Band at the Norwood Village Green Concert Series. It was fabulous! Four musicians on stage with lots and lots of talent, and not a lot of ego. They all gave each other lots of room to stretch out, and there were some moments of sheer beauty.

As we left the concert, Robert got a call with incredibly good news. I can't talk about it yet, as it has to be officially announced by the right person. I'll just go over in the corner over there, and do a happy dance.


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