The first zero of the year

2008 is a year of zeros here. The first one was celebrated Saturday April 26. It was my husband's birthday. He turned 60.

Boy, I didn't see this one coming.

My boss went through this a couple of years ago. He says hey, this is no big deal - "60 is the new 50 - or maybe the new 40." The "new 40" sure sounds good to me. Remember, I am only a few years behind Robert. Still, there is the sense that there is more behind us than before us, and that time goes by soooooo quickly.

The sweet and the bitter. I'm very aware of those two undercurrents right now. For many reasons that I am not going to talk about at the moment.

I was unable to find the time to think of a gift for Robert, until a couple of days before his birthday when on a whim I asked if he could use a new windbreaker. He said yes. So on Friday I slipped out of work for a while, and we met. We went to the post office and filled out the paperwork for new passports. Then we found a decent gray windbreaker that looks good on Robert. It's not a safe one for the boat, he would not be easily visible if he went overboard wearing this jacket, but it's his color and he likes it. I thought of a surprise gift as I drove into work that day and after we parted, I bought a gift certificate for a massage. Then I picked out a card. It's hard choosing between the ones that say I love you, and the ones that say you are a sexy hunka man. I went with the love this year. All that bittersweet sloshing around in my thoughts took me in that direction.

I gotta admit though that for me, he is a sexy hunka man. I don't think that I am the only woman who notices that about him. And that is sweet


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