Insomnia Mystery, Solved?

I have become prone to occasional evenings of insomnia. Once a week or so, I go to bed, and my brain won't settle down. I haven't been able to figure out a pattern.

I may have figured it out today. I think it is more likely to happen on an evening when I blog.

So what do I do? When can I blog? I am a worker bee, and NOT a morning person, so the evening is when I have free time and when my neurons are firing in sequence. Also, I am now a reformed citizen who does not open blog sites on the computer at work to sneak in a little blogging or subscription reading over my lunch hour.

Perhaps if I make sure to close the laptop, drink a glass of wine, and knit after I blog, I'll be able to untangle my thoughts enough to sleep. Comments, if there are any, can wait for the morrow.

I won't have any problems tonight. Last night I blogged, and could not sleep when I went to bed. I am exhausted, and it is (relatively) early.

I'm still going to make sure to knit, and drink some wine. On general principle.


  1. Hmm... I blog when I have insomnia, but I never thought to blame the blogging ON the insomnia. You might be onto somnething. Blogging does get the mind going and is quite addictive.

    Marianne is my other scifiweb site

  2. Marianne - my very first comment on this blog! Thank you!

    I have run in to this since I wrote this post. I think I am on to something here. It isn't the blogging in and of itself, it's the mental stimulation.


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